Ceramic Coating

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Looking to Protect Your Vehicle?

Long Island's #1 Choice for Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating replaces the need to wax your car. So kick the old tin can out of the garage. 9H ceramic creates a bonded film to your paint, rims, trim, and windows! This protects the vehicle from outside elements and gives it a glassy rich appearance.

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BMW M3 with Ceramic Coating

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SUV Ceramic Coating

Corvette Ceramic Coating

Common Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Easier to Wash

Retain More Value

Hydrophobic Effect

Better Protection

9H Ceramic Coating +
Correction Polish Packages

Every Package Includes:

Wash and prep with a clay bar to ensure proper bonding

Single stage polish correction for rich glossy looking paint


2 Year Durability

Single Stage Polish Correction - Single 9H Layer Installation - 1 Slick Top Coat Layer (Rims and Paint)


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5 Year Durability

Double Stage Polish Correction - 2 Layers OF 9H Base Coat - 1 Top Coat Layer (Rims, Paint, and Windows)


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7 Year Durability

Triple Stage Polish - 3 Layers of 9H Base Coat - 2 Top Coat Layers (Rims, Paint, and Windows) - Lifetime Warranty


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Interior Ceramic Protection Coating




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