Paint Correction

Restore the Glossy Rich Look of Your Paint

LI Mobile Car Guy is Long Island's Preferred Paint Correction Specialist

Paint correction is a refinement service that removes oxidation, swirls, and scratches over factory clear coat. This will provide a richer and wet glossy look. This service goes up to 3 stages, the higher the stage the better the results. We also include a spray sealant that gives a hydrophobic protection when completed.

Look into our ceramic coating packages for a more durable protection. (These packages include paint correction as well)

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Before a Paint Correction


Results After a Paint Correction

Paint Correction Packages

All paint corrections include:
Stripwash, mechanical & chemical decontamination, fully masked trim with tape to prevent stains

Wash after to remove left over residue, and finally a complete blow dry

Single Stage

Cutting Polish


Light defects & gloss mirror finish

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Double Stage

Micro-Sanding, Compound, & Polish


Medium defects & gloss mirror finish

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Triple Stage

Wet-Sand, Compound, & Polish


Heavy defects & gloss mirror finish

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Paint correction is a refinement service that removes swirls,oxidation and scratches and depending on stage orange peel and factory clear coat defects.

The more stages the better results, These services have 0 fillers in it meaning there's no waxes we are not hiding scratches/ swirls nore are we doing a temporary fix, these services are refinement fixing and correcting the overall condition of the paint's clear coat. Single stage will allow us to focus more on gloss while a multi stage will allow us to remove more defects and bring back a new layer that will look like a new paint job.

Cars in the shade look incredibly nice, however cars in the sun will show everything ugly. This is what we as professionals are correcting for an absolute perfect finish. Brand new or aged vehicles will always need some form of paint correction depending on your expectations. That Thick Tin can of wax in your garage that you polish on will hide your problems but will never correct it.

Handwashing with a 2 bucket system is proven to be the best way to maintain your vehicle currently. Adding a ceramic coating has been the most popular and proven way to add additional protection then traditional wax and sealants.



125 S 2nd St. #3, Bay Shore, NY, 11706

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