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LI Mobile Car Guy is a professional window tint installer Long Island, New York

We provide window tinting services either mobile or at our shop. We offer 3 types of film listed below. Film has been constructed with dye for decades. Our nufilm is more advanced and has no dye resulting in a longer lasting tint that will not fade or turn purple over time. All tint installs have a lifetime warranty.

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Window Tinting Packages

Prices listed below are starting prices for 4 doors and back windshield.

Please note price can vary due to more complex vehicles, size and travel distance


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Unlike other films that utilize antiquated “dyed film” construction, Nufilm Carbon Series is manufactured using a groundbreaking state of the art process that embeds the carbon into the material which is then extruded evenly throughout the film. This means longer lasting and fade resistant results with superior heat rejection when compared to dyed films. Nufilm Carbon is a 1.5 mil, dual ply film.

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Carbon Ceramic

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Constructed with the same techniques as Nufilm Carbon, Carbon Ceramic features a 1.5 mil, dual ply construction with ceramic particles embedded into the film to dramatically increase heat rejection.

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Ceramic IR

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Our very best series is engineered by adding very small nano particles of ceramic as well as IR inhibitors into the film which results in superior infrared heat rejection. Nufilm Carbon Ceramic IR features a 1.5 mil, dual ply, carbon nano-ceramic construction with Infrared Rejection of approximately 85%. This means increased comfort and ultimately a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

2 Ply – 1.5 mil Nano-Ceramic IR Construction

Exceptional Heat Rejection

99% UV Rejection

Excellent Optical Quality

Lifetime Warranty

VLT RANGE: 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 50%, 70%

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125 S 2nd St. #3, Bay Shore, NY, 11706

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